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Hip Surgery

Labral tears and/or hip impingement (FAI) can cause significant pain. These pathologies most commonly present with pain in the groin but may also cause pain on the outside of the hip or in the buttock region. Patients may also experience mechanical symptoms such as clicking, giving way or instability in the hip. Dr. Horner will frequently recommend a trial of non-operative management which may include things such as physical therapy, image guided injections and/or medications. In cases where patients have persistent pain even after non-operative management, hip arthroscopy may be necessary to repair the labrum and/or correct the hip impingement.

Patients who have experienced a rupture of a tendon in or around the hip also may benefit from surgical management. Examples of these tendon injuries include hamstring tendon tears and/or gluteus medius or gluteus minimus tendon tears. The decision to operate on these tears depends on the severity of the tear as well as the pain that the patient is experiencing.

Please see below a list of some common hip surgeries Dr. Horner performs.

Hip arthroscopy

  • Labral repair
  • Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) management
  • Greater trochanteric bursectomy

Proximal hamstring repair
Gluteus medius/minimus tendon repair

Dr. Horner has also published extensive research on hip surgery. Below is a list of peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters by Dr. Horner on this topic.

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